About Lane Supply Company

Founded in 1955, Lane is a wholesale distributor of general manufacturing, industrial, and construction supplies.  As a customer-focused business, our employees pride themselves on close relationships with our customers and vendors.  We have locations in the Rockies and Midwest, serving and supplying products nationwide to large and small businesses.

Expert Service

With over 60 years in business, Lane Supply offers decades worth of expert product knowledge and tailored solutions to our customers in a wide variety of industries, including general manufacturing and construction, metal fabrication, millwork, window and door installation and so much more.  Knowing our customers have a choice for their preferred supply wholesaler, we stand apart with an individualized approach to serve the needs of each customer regardless of their location or size.

Core Values


We hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism and believe that relationships should be built on mutual trust and respect.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We always strive to maintain our small company spirit founded on agility and creativity as we look to achieve our big growth goals.


We believe that all solutions are better derived though collective effort and wisdom.


We approach all opportunities with a sense of urgency, grit and determination.

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Contact us for a quote on industrial supplies for your manufacturing, construction, countertop fabrication, or other industrial business.