When you’re producing or restoring furniture, cabinets, flooring, or other wood-related items — swirl marks can be your nemesis. They detract from the quality of your piece and may even upset your customer, which can hurt your business. But it’s not just your technique that may be impacting the quality of your product. (Although specific techniques can impact your wood.) Learn four ways to avoid swirl marks in your woodworking project.

What are swirl marks?

Swirl marks are those visible scratches that you can see with the naked eye. Swirl marks are sometimes known as fishhooks, pigtails, or half-moons. At Lane, we have products and ideas to keep your tough projects moving while ensuring the highest quality.

Lane can help

Lane Supply Company (Lane) has advice, ideas, and even products to help with your tough projects. We want to save you time and money while improving your finished product.