Countertop seaming adhesives have come a long way in the last 15 years, and Lane Supply Company, along with the Integra Adhesives brand, has been at the forefront.  What makes Integra Adhesives (Integra) stick out among countertop adhesives?  

Adhesive industry leadership

Over the years, Integra has grown to be the industry leader in the two-component pre-tinted cartridge-based seaming adhesive category. Remodeling businesses, construction contractors, and those working with countertops look to Integra Adhesives as “the brand. 

Color options, in-stock for convenience 

Integra provides a variety of different colors, and Lane Supply Company (Lane) carries more than 70 colors on-stock. That’s why Lane Supply Company is Integra Adhesive’s preferred vendor. At Lane Supply Company, we send tubes nationwide, quickly. We even have free shipping available on some orders. 

And if you’re near Denver, Colorado or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you can get same-day delivery or pick color tubes up from the warehouse.   

Exact color match 

When it comes to color matching, you have some options.  Integra provides several different product formulations to meet the needs of all types of fabricators.  The convivence of the pre-tinted and exact mix ratio of the product avoids waste, saves time (over hand mixing and tinting) and gets the top glued up in record time.  Lane Supply’s experts can help you choose the correct product formulation and assist in matching colors for unique situations. 

Contact Lane Supply Company for help  

Lane has more than 60 years of experience helping people with industrial supplies, including countertops and countertop adhesives. Known for customer service, our specialty is working with you on your projects.  

Use Integra Adhesives website to match colors to a particular stone or solid surface sheet

Integra Adhesive‘s labs are state of the art using various optical tools to accurately formulate the correct recipe of pigments for an optically perfect match every time. Integra also works with the major solid surface and engineered stone manufacturers to obtain samples of new material colors they develop.  Using their lab, they can quickly create color matches for these new color styles that are constantly coming out. 

Integra has made an online tool. They also have a slick mobile app available through both app stores.

Step 1. Identify the type of material you have and check the box.

screen 1 of the integra adhesive color match process


Step 2. After the box is checked, you’ll see available materials.

screen 2 of integra adhesive color matching process  


Step 3. Select the brand of material and this will display all the sheet colors that Integra has matched for that brand. 

Sometimes there are two colors of Integra Adhesive that match to a particular sheet.

screen 3 of color match process for integra adhesives

Other things of note when using the online color matching tool

All colors are available in the XI Surface Bonder formulation. 

U” next to the color indicates this is available in the ULTRA (UV/Outdoor) formula 

Z”  next to the color indicates this is available in the ZERO (High Viscosity/Non-Sag) formula 

” * ” next to a color indicates a tight seam required (Typically indicated on Match 2 colors) 

Use the mobile app 

They even have a mobile app to color match for when you’re on-the-go. The mobile app provides an additional feature of showing colors and swatches that are adjacent in color hue to the color in question.  For example, the mobile app can help if a match to a particular sheet happens to be a custom color, but the job only requires a few tubes.  

Use the app to see the two colors that are directly adjacent in hue to the matching color.  This may be an option for a fabricator that is in a pinch and the job doesn’t’ warrant a full case of one color.  A tight seam and careful mitering will be necessary to make this work. 

Lane Supply Company has you covered

Whether you’re using color matching options on the Integra website or mobile app, you can still go through Lane Supply Company. We’re here to help you as well as provide additional industrial supplies should you need them. With a variety of stock available, nationwide shipping (including free shipping on some orders), and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder that Integra chooses us to be their preferred vendor.