Customers want countertops that are beautiful and durable without spending a lot of money. That’s a tall order! But many solid surface countertops – such as Staron, Corian, LG HI-MACS, Livingstone, and Wilsonart – fill that order by being relatively inexpensive while being looking luxuriousBut fabricating, installing, and finishing these countertops can be daunting. 


Lane Supply Company has expertise with these countertops. We provide a little knowledge, have the right abrasives, and suggest a little practice getting the steps right.  


Polishing to make solid surface countertops high-end

Countertop fabricators and contractors use a few tricks to make these solid surface countertops stand out. 

Refine the scratchgrit grade recommendations 

Abrasives can make a difference; the way you use the abrasives can also make a difference. Using a non-directional scratch pattern refracts light providing a scratch-free, smooth finish. Shallow scratches even ensure the surface looks glossy, according to Abrasive Boss. While deeper scratches give your surface a matte look.


Choose the grit and finish  

How rough or deep are the initial surface scratches? What’s the seam like for your countertop? Both will help you identify which grit you use. Generally, for speed and quality, start with the finest grit possible to minimize the number of grit steps to blend the two joining sheets. 

  • 80 grit (for deep surface scratches or seam leveling)  
  • 120 grit 
  • 150 grit 
  • 240 grit  

Using the previous grades, work up to the desired finish  

Finish  Grit  Product 
Matte  240g  Maroon Scotch-Brite (non-woven disc) 
Semi-Gloss  400g  Gray Scotch-Brite (non-woven disc) 
Gloss  600g, 800g  White Scotch-Brite (non-woven disc) 


Polish the countertop 

There are many different shades of final finishes. Depending on the shade, you may need to refine with polishing compounds and a wool buffing wheel. For repair work or when getting a highgloss shine, you’ll use more polishing compounds.  

3m polishing products


Repeat and complete

Solid surface countertops are a great option when done right.  Lane has the expertise on how to handle your countertop challenges as well as the right products to help you get the perfect finished product every time.