It’s fast and easy to become a Lane customer

At Lane Supply Company, we understand your business and work to get you product options to improve quality, reduce time, and save money. In fact, it’s so easy to become a customer, you can provide a credit card and order the same day!

becoming a customer can be a one-step process

 1. Complete a credit app or provide a credit card.

Order now

If you’re ready to purchase right now, why wait? We can take your credit card. We handle your information securely. Just call 800.251.7067. After we take your information, you’re done! You can begin purchasing right away, and our team would be happy to help you.

Start an account, waiting a few days

Some customers prefer credit with us and can wait. For those businesses, we have an easy-to-complete credit application. We even have two options: PDF and Word. Download either.

step 2 to become a lane customer

 2. Send in your credit app by email or fax.

Send your credit app by emailing or faxing 303.825.1514. After that, we’ll contact you within two business days to let you know the status of your credit application.

Don’t forget, if that’s too long to wait, you can still call us with your credit card and we can send you supplies and equipment faster! To get moving, call 800.251.7067. After we take your information, you’re done! You can begin purchasing right away.

You’re done!

Have questions? Need help? No problem. We’re here to help. Contact us!


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