Door and window installations are the bread and butter for construction companies and general contractors. New construction and replacing windows and doors can be lucrative. But the industry is highly competitiveHow can you differentiate your business from your competition to get those good-paying jobsAnd how can you keep installation for your windows and doors low?  

Flashing and sealants help give your customers the value and quality installation they expect, propelling you above your competition. Plus, these products are cost-conscious, especially when it comes to eliminating the need to do a project over.  

At Lane Supply Company (Lane) we list our favorite door and window installation products for flashing and sealing … as well as why you may need one versus another.  

Flashing solutions  

You probably know this, but it merits revisiting. The first line of defense for air and water intrusion is a good seal on the full untrimmed opening for a window or door (also known as the rough opening)When flashing is installed and sealed correctly, water is directed away from the window to keep a home dry and eliminate rot, mold, and mildew. But not all rough openings are created equal (different materialssizes, shapes, etc.).  

Flashing typically comes in three varieties with these advantages and disadvantages: 

  • Metal flashing is durable, but not as flexible 
  • Vinyl flashing is flexible, but not as durable 
  • Tape flashing is easy to install, but often not as durable in hotter areas  
  • Liquid flashing is a newer innovation in flashing 

Find the right flashing for your project from two top brands known for durability and qualityBoth Protecto Wrap or OSI products meet local code requirements and national building standards while providing long-lasting performance your customers can count on that won’t break the bank. When they’re used, your jobs will be known as high quality … while reducing long-term liabilities from failure. 

Some of the products below may even surprise you! 

Protecto Wrap 

Protecto Wrap has waterproof membranes that provide high-quality waterproofing. They’re even easy to install. Plus, they have durability and staying power – a preference for construction workers and general contractors since 1952. Here are a few of the products we think are some of their finest: 

BT20XL butyl  

protecto wrap butylThis 20mil peelandstick, self-adhering butyl (the adhesive componentlaminated on a polyethylene film provides a tough, durable, easytoapply membraneThe product sticks to most common building materials to provide a tight seal while still enabling joint movementBest of all, it’s compatible with all types of window construction substrates including wood, wood clad, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl windows and doors, and PVC.   

120day UV resistance aids in weather protection during delays in siding or cladding installation.   

Super stick building tape  

protecto wrapThis tape is a primer-less flashing tape for window and door installationsEasy to apply in all temperatures, great for cold climate installationsThe tape has the same benefits of butyl or asphaltbased flashing without the primer or the gassing, VOC’s, CFC’s, HFCC’sThat’s why construction workers and contractors use this so often – it’s a  faster turn-around time and fewer customer complaints when replacing windows. 

12-month UV exposure is great for new construction where timelines and exposure times can be longer than expected.   

Sill pan flash  

This one-piece, continuous sill flashing requires no cuts or “butterfly” corner guardsThat means, your installation jobs are faster. Alsomost people can install these, reducing the need (and expense) for experts to do the cutting or installingIt even has lower product wasteIt’s a great option for those 90-degree corners without adding substantial material to the rough opening dimension. 


OSI products are also highly flexible as well as innovative. These products handle some of the tougher and irregular jobs you may have with windows and doors. 

Quad flash 

Quad flash is a liquidapply flashing membrane that can be spread and conformed to irregular surfaces and openings.  It’revolutionary, making sealing and installing windows and doors much easier. In egress and belowgrade installations, its the go-to product for creating that initial seal to concrete and other masonry substrates.  

Compatible with most all other flashing products used above and below grade, this product can also be applied in all weather conditions, even during rain or snow because of its moisturecuring properties.  This can reduce costs because it can eliminate weather delays.



Okay, the flashing is done. You’re not out of the woods yet. You may need a sealant to protect your window or door. When it comes to sealants there are lots of options. A few of these products stand out – handling even the toughest climates and jobs.  


Outside of flashing, OSI has a few sealant products that can handle tough jobs with ease. OSI is approved and recommended by many of the top manufacturers because of the durability.  

Quad Max  

It’s called “Tougher than the Elements” for a reason. This is the premier sealant can handle the toughest climates.  Specifically designed for durability, colorfast, and flexibility, this sealant offers a variety of features, including color matchingOSI’s lab has created exact color matches to all the most popular window and siding manufactures 

Although some construction workers and general contractors have issues with color matching, that shouldn’t stop you. Lane Supply Company (Lane) stocks 30+ options, including the most popular colors in use todayAnd because we’ve been in business since 1955, we can help select the perfect match to whichever window or siding you’re installing.    

Quad Foam  

Foam expands insulating foam for windows and doors.  Quad Foam accurately and completely fill voids around windows and doors without stressing or racking.  Using an applicator, you can get pinpoint precision to create a tight seal around these irregular rough openings.  



According to BOSS’s website, their line of products is engineered to the highest quality to ensure maximum performance for the industrial, construction, pool and spa, HVAC/R, manufacturing housing, and RV markets.  

399 Silicones  

boss siliconeBOSS 399 is your goto where a neutral cure glazing silicone is needed.  With high performance that stays flexible over time, BOSS is top-notch for window manufacturing and installation.   

363 Acrylic Latex  

BOSS 363 is goto paintable acrylic latex caulking. Low shrink, non-yellowing, paintable all characteristics that will keep callbacks to a minimum.  It’s versatile caulking that puts thfinishing touch on interior trim while making an airtight seal.  

Lane is on the job with you 

Construction workers or general contractors, we have tools and equipment to help you finish your projects on time and on budget. Regardless of whether you love BOSS, OSI, Protecto Wrap, or a different brandLane is with you. We have a variety of brands and products to help you solve your specific window and door installation challenges. Our service and sales personnel have deep expertise to get you the right supply or equipment every time. 

Talk to our experts today to see how Lane Supply can help you finish your jobs on-time and under budget.