Your packaging business needs packing supplies to keep America moving in the right direction. We’re your support team providing what you need.

Packaging products and solutions

Packaging companies need supplies to keep packages moving and getting to their customers. Lane Supply Company can help ensure those packages get where they’re supposed to.

Specialty Packaging Equipment


Custom packaging solutions to fit your needs:

  • Automated carton sealing equipment
  • On-demand systems – inflatable air (bubble), foam, poly bagging, and paper
  • Packaging refill stock

We also carry:


Specialty Packaging Solutions


Wide variety of packaging solutions to protect your products while they’re shipped:

  • Packaging foam & pouches – polypropylene & polyethylene solutions.
  • Bubble cushioning & pouches
  • Cohesive cardboard & pouches
  • Other specialty products; Corner Keepers, Sleevit, Penguin Pack, Edge Foam, and others.
  • Most solutions may be custom cut to fit your needs.

Pallets & Containers

  • Pallets, containers, & totes available in multiple sizes & weight ratings
  • Ideal for in-network transport
  • New or recycled plastic
  • Customizable – colors & logo stampings

Protective Films

Pregis Surface Guard

  • We supply any product to protect any surface
  • Polymask
  • UV protective tape
  • Protective countertop film
  • Protective film for windows
  • Stretch wrap

We also carry:

Trimaco  IPG

Custom Boxes & Carton Solutions

  • Custom cardboard boxes with or without printing
  • Partitions and inserts – custom sized for specific needs
  • Shipping mailers – self-sealing – standard and custom sizes available

Carton Sealing Solutions


  • Water activated tape, custom print available
  • Printed security tape
  • Strapping tape
  • Standard and heavy duty carton sealing

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Brands for the packaging industry

We have a wide variety of brands that help you save time and money on packaging.

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