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We have fantastic service with locations across the U.S., fast shipping (including free shipping available), 4,000 tubes in stock, and 70+ colors in stock. We’ll even break a case. Contact us and see why countertop fabricators, construction companies, and manufacturing businesses have been turning to Lane for more than 60 years.

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70+ colors in stock and 4,000 tubes available

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We carry a variety of Integra Adhesives products. Your countertop fabrication shop is covered with Lane.

integra adhesives bonder xi

Surface Bonder XI

  • Automates adhesive application
  • Speedy to apply and dry, curing in as little as 20 minutes
  • Great bond strength
  • Eliminates hand mixing and tinting, which is inefficient
  • Reduces waste
  • Matches the gloss of surrounding material
  • Universal color matching
  • 70+ colors available, including colors that blend with just about anything
integra adhesives ultra

Surface Bonder Ultra

Surface Bonder Ultra is a premium modified hybrid polyaspartic surfacing adhesive. Surface Bonder Ultra contains almost no VOCs and is not classified as a hazardous material.

  • Indoor and outdoor uses
  • Perfect for marble, this adhesive won’t yellow, stain, or bleed
  • UV and weather stable
  • High-strength bonding on ceramics & sintered, natural stone, quartz, and glass
  • Available in a 215ml cartridge
  • Works on polished/honed/textured surfaces
  • Pre-mixed in the most popular colors
  • Low VOC (~0 VOC content)

Surface Bonder Zero

This non-sagging adhesive is specifically designed for quartz, compact sintered materials, and natural stone products.

  • Great for quartz, sintered materials, and natural stone
  • Lots of colors available: 45 colors, matching the most popular designs in the industry
  • No drips or mess
  • Perfect for mitered edges and vertical applications
  • Ideal for deck seam installations

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integra adhesives price sheet for surface bonder xi and zero

Why Integra Adhesives

When it comes to countertops, one brand “sticks” out: Integra Adhesives. This adhesive is known for its quality. It’s why many countertop fabricators believe it to be the gold standard.

Why Lane Supply Company

For more than 60 years, Lane has been providing industrial supplies to businesses just like yours, helping them succeed. Let us help you keep your jobs moving faster and easier.

5-star service

Our customer service is why Lane has been around for more than 60 years. We know your business, try to save you time and money, and are in locations near you.


Our employees know the industrial supply and adhesive business. We also know a thing or two about countertop fabrication.

Variety and stock

We have 70+ adhesive colors in stock, available with fast shipping anywhere in the U.S. Plus, we have other supplies to meet your manufacturing needs.


Not only do we have stock available, but we also send supplies to customers across the U.S. Even if you’re not getting adhesives from us, we leverage our suppliers to keep your tough projects moving.


Surface Bonder XI and Zero (250 ml) are competitively priced with free shipping available for 20 or more tubes.

Otherwise, shipping is a flat rate: $15.

10+ tubes


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1-9 tubes


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Countertop fabrication

See the lines Lane caries for countertop fabrication, beyond Integra Adhesives, including sink clips, tools, abrasives, and sealants. See what industrial supplies we have to offer.

Countertop fabrication advice

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