3M Adhesives and Sealants

3M offers high-tech adhesive and bonding solutions for various industries, including woodworking, automated OEM manufacturing, construction, and job-specific fabrication. 3M has specific products to address challenging bonding situations while saving time, reducing installation steps, eliminating mechanical fastening, and improving the overall appearance or performance of your company’s finished product.

We’re your 3M expert

Lane possesses the expertise to help solve challenging projects whether it be product recommendations, sourcing, custom applications, logistical challenges, or product availability.  We leverage our vendors, including 3M, to find products to meet customer demands.

3M products we carry

We carry a wide variety of 3M products, including VHB Tape, Adhesive Transfer Tapes, Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesives, Hot melt Adhesives, Spray Adhesives

3M produces more than 100 different types of VHB tape to handle your stickiest situations. We carry just about every type and have recommendations about which ones might be the best for your tough jobs.

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