Hettich Cabinet and Drawer Hardware 

Lane Supply Company (Lane) proudly works with many different vendors. We select each vendor based on quality industrial supplies, pricing options for customers who want to save money as well as those who don’t mind paying top dollar, product availability, and more.  

Enter Hettich. It’s a well-known brand for hardware, has various price points for every level of business consumer, and can meet the demand of cabinet makers, furniture creators, and construction companies alike. 

Who is Hettich? 

Hettich is one of the world’s leading manufacturers when it comes to cabinet hardware. They have employees in 80 countries. But it’s not just their global presence, Hettich knows the cabinet and furniture game! The company has been around since 1888 … so they have more than 100 years of experience perfecting hinges, drawer systems, drawer and cabinet sliders, and folding door systems. 

What does Hettich manufacture? 

Hettich has an array of products for anyone in the cabinet, millwork, furniture, or construction industry. In other words, if you’re working with wood – where an item needs to open and close – Hettich may be perfect for you.  

We’re spotlighting a few of our favorite products. 


With as much attention to detail as they provide, Hettich offers different options for hinges. 

  • Fast-assembly hinges 
  • Fast-assembly hinges with silent soft closure 
  • Opening systems for handless furniture 
  • Office and contract hinges 
  • Household appliance hinges 

Hettich’s offerings include soft-close, spring-close, and free-close hinges for any desired outcome.  

  • Soft-close: minimizes stress and friction placed on cabinet and increases longevity. It’s also a huge safety advantage, reducing pinched fingers.  
  • Spring-close: automatically closes the door for peace of mind and productiveness. 
  • Free-close: wider range of motion and enables you to leave door open as long as you need. 

Their hinge technology is precise, calculated, and affordable. Lane has no doubt you’ll be happy to incorporate them into making cabinetry and furniture. 

Drawer systems 

If you thought cabinets and home furniture couldn’t be exciting, Hettich will prove you wrong! Innovative options abound to meet every type of custom cabinet or furniture maker’s wish. They’ll also make your client’s happy, too. 

  • Double walled: reduces friction between surfaces and allows for a smooth and noiseless opening and closing. 
  • Single walled: more cost-effective, easy to install and a classic go-to. 
  • Avantech YOU – a drawer system that’s sleek and versatile. This system enables you to customize furniture and cabinets to meet your client’s needs. Choose among side profiles, back panels, and DesignCapes, and other accessories for these drawer systems.  

Having multiple options when it comes to your drawer system provides a solution for any customer, any cabinet, and any piece of furniture. They have new and even more unique products coming to the market soon! 

Cabinet drawer slides 

Hettich’s cabinet drawer slides are convenient, smooth, and have a wide range of loading capacity. Our favorite among the drawer slides is the quadro drawer runner.  

It has steel ball bearings and variety of size availability from this versatile drawer runner. 

The one thing to know upfront, this item is harder to come by. Check ahead of availability.  

Sliding and folding door systems 

Hettich makes sliding and folding door options for your furniture and cabinets easy and elegant. 

  • Top running sliding door system 
  • Bottom running sliding door system 
  • Folding door system 

As you can see, when it comes to hardware Hettich has you covered.  

Lane + Hettich

If you’re ready to get started with Hettich hinges, drawer systems, cabinet drawer sliders, sliding door systems, and folding door systems, you’re in luck! Lane can help you get all the Hettich supplies you need to make or build custom cabinets, doors, furniture, and more.  

In fact, for more than 60 years, we’ve been helping companies just like yours get the industrial supplies they need to save time, reduce costs, and improve product quality. We go hardware, providing adhesives, abrasives, sealants, tapes, fasteners, safety gear, and tools. We’re known for partnering with organizations, thoroughly listening to ensure your company and employees get what they need to keep business moving. Why? Because we believe in American industry – and that starts with you and your company.  

Let’s go.