For our countertop fabricators and installer customers, we know nothing is worse than when you are in a pinch and need to color match on the spot. This can be incredibly tedious when you are dealing with a customer or trying to explain something, and time is of the essence. 

You start searching for the website, searching the different tabs to find the color match option, and going from there in hopes you can find what you’re looking for before your customer or client is no longer interested. You don’t have good service, the website isn’t functioning properly, it’s not user-friendly, and your patience is thinning. 

At Lane Supply Company (Lane) we understand that your time is money. When you spend your valuable minutes with tedious or frustrating tasks you are risking missing out on opportunities or conversations. 

So, what’s your next best option? 

Downloading the Integra Adhesive App!  

The Integra Adhesive App is one of our favorite user-friendly go-to when we need a quick color match or reference. 

Why do we love it? 

  1. It’s user friendly and quick for when you need a color match on the fly. 
  1. Educational. It provides extensive information on all the Integra products that you may need. 
  1. It has an Adhesive Calculator to determine the amount of adhesive you will need.  

We love offering suggestions or solutions like this App to our clients to help them save time and work more efficiently and effectively. This is our goal here at Lane. To partner with your company and create unique and lasting solutions. Give us a call to see how we can better help your company.