Streamlinthe supply chain 

Streamlining the supply chain results in reduced costs and waste, while maintaining or improving the overall quality of the manufactured product. 


woodworking manufacturingA manufacturing company needed specific filters for their spray booths, but had trouble finding a reliable source. Production was starting to grind to a halt because they had no “safety stock” – industrial supply inventory needed to complete orders.  



Lane Supply Company (Lane) has been a 20-plus year partner with this company. Plus, we have existing vendor relationships with hundreds of brands and thousands of items. We already had a relationship with the company that produced the needed filters. 

In the process, we suggested we manage inventory, including that safety stock, to reduce costs and waste. That means we hold the cost and liability of the needed items. Inventory management keeps manufacturing moving, saving time, too 

We also had recommendations for abrasives to maintain and improve quality because our people know the business and the process. 


This manufacturing company started production again, meeting customers’ demands. We also helped them with safety stock and inventory management while reducing overall costs and saving time. We even enabled them to reduce vendor management costs as well as the hassle related to working with and paying multiple suppliers. 

  • Provided specialty filters got manufacturing working again 
  • Established safety stock to save time and keep manufacturing moving 
  • Agreed to manage inventory to ensure supplies are available when needed, saving time and money 
  • Continued a 20+ year partnership with a Lane representative who knows the process to continue to scout for ways to save time and money, while improving already high quality while providing advice 

With Lane in their corner, this manufacturing company’s business is going strong. Customers can enjoy their quality products, too.

About our customer

  • Industry: Manufacturing, woodworking
  • Company size: 1,500+ employees
  • Customer: 20+ years
  • Solutions:
    • Using our established vendor relationships
    • Providing advice to save time and money while improving products
    • Managing inventory and safety stock to keep production moving
    • Streamlining the supply chain
  • Products: 40+ items, including
    • COL-MET RP Paint Arrestors Filters
    • Various sanding belts
    • Discs
    • Sponges

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