If you’re in the countertop fabrication business, construction, remodeling, or general contracting businesses, you’ve probably heard the name Integra AdhesivesIntegra Adhesives’ mission is to, offer our fabricator-partners in the architectural surfacing industry innovative, high quality, and value-added materials and systems, along with expert advice; to help them optimize their fabrication process while achieving exceptional finished products.”   

If you know about industrial supplies, you may’ve heard of Lane Supply Company (Lane). Founded in 1955, we’ve been providing supplies – such as adhesives, abrasives, blades, and more – to companies across the nation. Started in Denver, Colorado, we now have warehouses in New Berlin, Wisconsin – right outside of Milwaukee – and in Monroe, Ohio – near Cincinatti and Dayton. 

So … why choose Integra and Lane?  

1. Brand recognition and quality 

Integra Adhesives is the adhesive brand. They make a quality product that is well-known and trusted in the industry.  

Although Lane has been around since the 50s, they’ve been supporting and supplying Integra Adhesives for 15-plus years. In that time, Lane and Integra Adhesives have become the industry standard that countertop fabricators have depended on for performance and reliability in meeting the needs of their clients. In fact, Integra Adhesives recommends Lane as a preferred vendor. We know the products inside and out.  

2. Integra Adhesives makes a variety of products 

integra adhesives bonder xi

Integra Adhesives provides a wide range of products to meet the challenges of the professional fabricator.  Lane meets these needs by stocking and supporting these and other products that the discriminating fabricator uses. Plus, Lane carries Integra Adhesives in stock, with more than 70 colors available!  

Surface Bonder XI  

Modified Methacrylate Epoxy has become the standard in the industry for seaming all types of countertops.  Known for its strength that exceeds the material its bonding, its convenient packaging in 250ml cartridges eliminates hand mixing as well as waste. With a fixture time of 20minutes, this increases speed and reduces time to install. Color stability and accuracy has made it the only choice for eliminating call-backs (pesky calls to the vendor) because of a faulty joint.  

Lane stocks 70+ different colors in this formulation. Get details. 

Surface Bonder ZERO  

This bonding material is designed for the unique needs of quartz and natural stone products. (Don’t all houses have these now?) The ZERO formulation features a high viscosity, non-sag version, similar to the XI.  This adhesive is great for vertical installation or glue-ups with no drips.  Surface Bonder ZERO can replace traditional “knife grade” applications with the added bonuses of no mixing, pre-tinted color match accuracy, and a short cure time.  

Lane stocks a wide array of colors that are available in the ZERO formulation.

Precise adhesive mixing  

While Integra Adhesive’s technology is the star of the show, it would be nothing without a precise mix.  The proper static mixer must be used to get the performance fabricators expect.  

Lane stocks thousands of extra static mixing tips for Integra Adhesive products. 

3. Lane has variety, too 

Sure, we have 70+ Integra Adhesives colors available and in stock, but we do a lot more than just adhesives. Lane carries a variety of supplies counter fabricators, construction employees, and more rely on, including abrasives and safety gear. Throughout the U.S., we’re known for our specialty products. View our variety of specialty products.  


Convivence is the key.  Lane has quality steel dispensers, specifically designed for applying all types and sizes of adhesives, not just the Integra Adhesives brand. 


Easy undermount sinks installation  

The original SINK CLIP!  A simple 4-part system that includes a bolt, clip, wing nut, and washer.  Packaged as a kit, this makes those undermount sinks a breeze to install. No drilling or worry of cracking/over drilling into the freshly seemed and finished top. Just glue the bolt to the underside of the top, mount your sink and use the clip, washer and wing nut to secure the sink to the top. This makes for a fast install onsite. Lane stocks thousands of kits so whether you need 10 or 1000 pieces we have you covered.


4. Convenience – fast shipping, same-day deliveries, pick up 

Other than dispensing, Lane has a lot of convenience. We have free shipping available, nationwide. So, if you live in Seattle, Boston, or Miami (and everywhere in between) you can receive our products.

If you live near Denver, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, or Dayton, you may be able to receive a shipment the same day … or pick it up yourself.


5. Customer service and expertise 

Our customer service is phenomenal. Unlike “big box stores, we answer the phone! Additionally, our employees live by the motto – don’t sell a product the customer doesn’t need. That applies to every supply Lane provides.  

Our employees are knowledgeable. In fact, everyone in customer service has used many of the products Lane suppliesMany people in our company have been here a long time. Overall, Lane values tenure and expertise.  

This depth of knowledge and dedication are why we’ve earned five stars from people who do business with us. That makes us proud. 

Great brands sticking together: Lane + Integra Adhesives

So, when you’re thinking of your counter fabrication project, needing a quality adhesive that works, from an industrial supplier known for their service, try Lane Supply Company and Integra Adhesives.